Learn To Wait

Mar 10, 2022

‘At the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.’Galatians 6:9 NIV

There’s no such thing as instant success, with either people or problems. Whether you need to lose 10kg or 100kg, the weight can only be shed one gram at a time. Standing on top of the mountain is a thrill, but you can only get up there by climbing it one step at a time. Nothing great is created suddenly; almost every significant success in life comes at the end of a long, arduous wait. And unless you accept that truth, you’ll give up too soon and settle far short of the success God has in mind for you.

Jell-O is an American brand founded over 100 years ago. But if the inventor had still been alive, he would probably have taken little comfort in his product’s long success. In 1897 Mr Pearl Wait was a construction worker who also experimented in making medicines, and he went door to door selling his therapies. One day while tinkering and experimenting, he mixed fruit flavouring with granulated gelatine and came up with a fruit-flavoured dessert his wife promptly named Jell-O.

Unfortunately, the initial sales of his wobbly dessert were not as strong as he hoped, so he ended up selling his Jell-O rights to Orator Woodward for just $450. Woodward was a clever businessman. He knew the value of marketing, and within eight years he’d turned his $450 investment into a million-dollar business. Today, not a single relative of Pearl Wait receives one cent from the more than 1,000,000 boxes of Jell-O (Jelly) sold every day. Why not? Because Wait couldn’t wait!

SoulFood: Gen 50, Haggai 1–2, Matt 22:1–14, Ps 27, Pr 7:10–20
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