We received the following beautiful testimony from Coxwain in The Solomon Islands, about how God is continuing to work through the lives of a local church that he was visiting recently…

Good afternoon Ian and Grant.
Trust you had a great and enjoyable Christmas celebration with your family members.
I happened to attend one of the local Churches in town last Sunday. The preacher gave an opportunity for the Church members and attendees who wanted to share their life journey experiences and testimonies in 2023.

A number of Church members testified about their spiritual life and journey with Christ. I did not expect but I heard a few of them talking about The Word for Today and how much it really helped and empowered them in their daily devotions and spiritual journey in 2022 & 2023 while sharing their testimonies. They were asking when the 2024 edition would arrive. Fortunately, I was there and had to stand up and explained the situation.

Two of the elderly and senior women by the name of Nancy & Rose approached me and spoke to me about how much The Word for Today really means to them after the service. Marama Nancy Riti, the wife of a former Moderator of the United Church In SI, late Philmon Riti was in tears when she testified, she expressed her joy and appreciation how The Word for Today really helped her spiritual life and journey.

She did not hesitate to declare to the congregation that she has been reading The Word for Today each day, following the allocated dates. Unfortunately, I could get a better picture of her and Rose. Marama Nancy Riti is in the far left standing, Rose Tora is sitting in front with her grandchild.

They insisted that as soon as the 2024 edition arrives, I would let them know so they can get their copies asap.
Kind regards,