A Spirit-Controlled Mind

Aug 21, 2022

‘The mind governed by the Spirit is life and peace.’Romans 8:6 NIV

The Bible says: ‘Those who live in accordance with the Spirit have their minds set on what the Spirit desires. The mind governed by the flesh is death, but the mind governed by the Spirit is life and peace.’ (Romans 8:5–6 NIV) The presence of God in your life comes through the Holy Spirit working to bring peace and shift anxiety. You either give control of your mind over to external influences and circumstances, or to the Holy Spirit.

What would a life like that look like? Well, imagine not being so fearful anymore. Imagine facing financial difficulties or an angry boss with inner calm and resolve. Imagine receiving bad news and generating constructive ways to solve the problem rather than mentally spiralling through the worst-case scenarios. Imagine facing rejection and obstacles without giving in to discouragement. Imagine acknowledging the mistakes you’ve made and moving confidently into the future. And imagine doing all this with God as your partner. Imagine people around you coming to you when they’re upset or discouraged because your peace of mind is contagious. That’s part of what God’s called you to do every day. When you bump into people who are stressed and transmitting that stress to others, you’re supposed to be a peace spreader.

Jesus carried peace with Him wherever He went. When the disciples were terrified by the storm, He simply said to the waves, ‘Peace, be still!’ (Mark 4:39 NKJV), and it happened. Peace doesn’t come from finding a lake with no storms; it comes from knowing Jesus is on your boat, and with Him on board no storm can take you under.

SoulFood: Josh 2:1–24, Acts 9:20–30
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