Good Leadership

May 13, 2023

‘The Lord spoke to Moses.’Numbers 1:1 NIV

A good leader is like a good ship’s captain; they plan the whole trip in their mind before they leave the port. They have a clear vision of their destination, they understand what it will take to get there, they know who needs to be on board for the trip to be successful, and they recognise obstacles long before they appear on the horizon. And because they prepare well, good leaders can take their people just about anywhere.

Moses was such a leader. He spent 40days praying and fasting on a mountain, refusing to leave until he understood what God wanted him to do. Then he came back and communicated it to the people so they could participate in the vision. In Leadership Promises For Your Week, Dr John Maxwell writes: ‘As a good leader, Moses methodically arranged the tribal camps in the wilderness (see Numbers 2:34). We would do well to…organise as he did.

(1) Give time for planning and organising. Write down your number 1 purpose.

(2) Understand where you are before trying to develop a strategy.

(3) Prioritise the needs and goals of the team by asking the right questions.

(4) Write goals that are realistic, measurable, and convicting.

(5) Clarify goals and make sure your team all understand them.

(6) Identify possible obstacles. Have an open system approach to your planning.

(7) Budget your cost and time by scheduling everything you can and setting deadlines.

(8) Study the results. Evaluation prevents stagnation and exaggeration.’

If you want God to bless your plan, you must have a plan He can bless. And it must come from God Himself. So, talk to God today about His plan for your life.

SoulFood: Num 25–26, Matt 9:14–26, Ps 57, Pro 11:14
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